BALI The Journey In Heaven On Earth


Buku BALI The Journey in Heaven on Earth merupakan kumpulan puisi yang menyampaikan pesan penuh harapan, cinta, dan kekaguman akan pulau Bali. Tak hanya itu, buku BALI The Journey in Heaven on Earth juga dihiasi dengan beragam ilustrasi yang menggambarkan keindahan Bali

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BALI The Journey in Heaven on Earth is a collection of poems that conveys messages of hope, love and admiration for the island of Bali. This compilation is filled with poems that carry profound meaning for the author and is adorned with beautiful illustrations that portray the wonder and beauty of Bali. Taken together, the works are sure to warm the reader’s heart and imbue it with a wellspring of inspiration that will last an eternity.


This is the last paradise on earth,

a hidden heaven along the ocean.

Encircled by the temples.

Surrounded by the sea.

A place renowned for

its serenity.


An encounter with a place, a contingence and even the mundane can produce deeply impressive works of art.

This collection of poems from Indah tells of an inner journey, and Bali, with its immeasurable allure, becomes a reflection of its very essence.

Reaching beyond the visible world, readers will become acquainted with the depths of sensation.

Warih Wisatsana, Poet, Curator

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